Sumner to Ferrymead was founded in 1999 as the idea of Alister Smith, looking to resource the beachfront Sumner to Ferrymead communities on the Eastern side of Christchurch, New Zealand. The concept was simple. Lets be the place people go on the internet to find out more about these great communities, and the wider Christchurch and Canterbury region.

This concept developed with the addition of a webcam overlooking the Sumner beach from Alisters property, and a weather station. This got the site and webcam image featured on the BBC website for Dorset in England – a sister city for Christchurch. Surfers and beach goers soon picked up on the webcam, and often frequented the site to view the conditions at the beach to work out if it was worth the journey.

The site had a setback in early 2015 with Alisters unexpected passing. The webcam stream stopped, and the site went offline. In late 2015 the team from our fellow surfcam site, Taylors Surf, banded together, and with the help of Alisters son and the generosity of the new owners of Alisters property on the hill, we got the site back online, now with streaming webcam video, and a plan going forward to continue Alisters legacy of providing valuable information to the community from our great neck of the woods. We’ve since given the site a bit of a spruce up (you can still find the old site at if you think we are missing anything) gearing it up for mobile audiences and easy updating going forward.

This site is currently solely funded with generosity from the team at Webmad who provide all of the hosting infrasctructure, cameras and website development, and from advertising revenue on the site. We are seeking sponsors keen to support the vision of being the online community green for Sumner, Redcliffs, and Ferrymead – if you are interested in getting your brand associated with our offerings, and are keen to invest in the community, please get in contact.